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  • Drainage system slotted on both sides with integrated gravel border
  • Height-adjustable (even after installation)
  • Precise height adjustment depending on building requirements
  • Easy installation and connection of the drainage channel bodies thanks to an ingenious tongue and groove system
  • Improved ventilation of the facade
  • Increased drainage capacity
  • Optimised connection to branch channels
  • Robust and reliable system in which all MEATEC drainage channel bodies are reinforced with cross bars
  • Installation in accordance with flat roof regulations and DIN 18195‐5
  • Barrier-free construction possible
  • Wide selection of cover gratings

Our MEATEC drainage systems in galvanised or stainless steel provide an array of solutions to prevent water penetration, particularly in the more sensitive areas of a building such as terraces, entrance doors, windows and facades.
MEATEC is a flexible system with a clear design that meets high architectural requirements – an efficient and easy-to-install drainage solution.
To our drainage channel MEATEC we offer you a wide selection of cover gratings.

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