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  • Liquid-tight
  • Extremely resistant to chemical substances
  • Rapid drainage of water and dirt particles
  • Particularly durable as well as frost and wear-resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Eco-friendly material with mineral admixtures

MEA WATER MANAGEMENT is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of line drainage systems. This drainage channel system was developed by MEA especially for tram rails.
Thanks to our unique multi-material range, you can choose between polymer concrete – the material traditionally employed for drainage systems – and glass-fibre-reinforced composite (GRP), the modern, lightweight, sturdy and easy-to-install alternative also referred to as sheet moulding compound (SMC).
This product combination has the advantage that an optimal solution can be found for every application:
Polymer concrete: MEADRAIN ENS
Glass-fibre-reinforced composite (GRP): MEARIN PLUS/EXPERT 200
Two different kinds of systems are available from the MEA Group for line drainage of tram rails:
Drainage system for trams with an APS power supply
Drainage system for trams with overhead power lines
Rail systems with cross drainage are a basic precondition of safety in tram traffic. Insufficient drainage of the grooved rails often results in severe soiling and therefore high cleaning costs. MEA TRAM connection elements help drain the rail system more efficiently and contribute to a cleaner infrastructure which is easier to maintain.

Efficient rainwater management represents an enormous challenge in urban areas, particularly in traffic spaces where surface water is regularly contaminated with organic substances, fuels and oils. MEA TRAM connection elements collect the polluted water and drain it off so that it is prevented from seeping into the ground untreated.

Thanks to the wide range of accessories, the MEA Group’s MEA TRAM solutions offer a solution for every project.

Thanks to the modular design, a single MEA TRAM system can be used for several track gauges. Drainage channel elements for specific projects are individually manufactured at MEA’s flexible and modern production facility. The track connection elements are fastened directly to the rails with a permanently elastic seal. This prevents water from flowing along the outer edge of the track and draining off adjacent to the channel.

MEA channel cover fixing mechanisms ensure quick and easy access for all maintenance and cleaning work in this area.

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