Minilift F lifting station

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Compact lifting station for connection to a single toilet and two additional fixtures
Minilift F is designed to be connected to a single toilet and two additional fixtures (e.g. sink, shower, urinal, bidet) in rooms below the backwater level or without sufficient gradient to the next sewage collecting pipe.
Minilift F is the ideal, low-cost solution for disposal of drainage fixtures in accordance with EN 12050-3 (for restricted use). The high-performance stainless steel SharkTwister macerator in the built-in pump reliably chops sewage and toilet paper. For this reason, a diameter of ø 28 – 34 mm is sufficient for the pressure pipe to the next sewage pipe. This means little effort is required even for retro-fit installation e.g. in old buildings. The direct toilet connection allows installation directly behind the toilet with minimum space requirement.
Professional advantages:
High performance macerator SharkTwister
Stainless steel pump with high-performance top quality macerator for maximum operational safety.
Intelligent control technology
with acoustic alarm function – without separate control unit – integrated in the tank, can simply be plugged in and installed without an electrician being necessary.
Separate dry area
for motor and control unit makes convenient and clean maintenance possible.
Straightforward maintenance
Quick and easy removal of pump.

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