Automatic Fire Curtains

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  • Single roller systems, up to 6 metres wide, have been certified to BS: 476 Part 22 and have held their integrity for 264 minutes before we turned off the test furnace. 4hrs plus 10%
  • Fire curtains can provide continuous fire containment in single spans using our over-lapping curtains
  • No intermediate supports, columns or centre posts are needed, except at the outside edges
  • Overlapping rollers also have a certified time of 264 minutes, at 1000 degrees Celsius
  • Option of Split drop or delay functions can provide more time to escape and are therefore a part of the critical life safety requirement. Split drop also provide progressive smoke containment
  • Control Panels are necessary to control the motors and co-ordinate all functions of the system and to relate to the client’s fire / smoke alarm system
  • Key switches are provided to test the curtains on a regular basis
  • Curtains tested to various British & European standards

Gravity Fail Safe & other options:

  • Emergency access doorways will use our Gravity Fail Safe motors and panels. This means that even without mains power in the building or if the cables are corrupted or a signal received then the curtains will close
  • We program the curtain to open up, with an over-ride switch, and then return down to seal the doorway
  • Option of a battery sensor inside the panel which will give an audible/visual signal if the batteries are low
  • Beam sensor units to operate the audible/visual equipment, to indicate stationary items left in the path of the fire curtain
  • Key switches to be used for regular testing of the units
  • Smoke or heat detectors can be provided and pre wired into our system

Servery or hatchway fire curtains:

  • All made to your specifications
  • Slim, lightweight and easy to install
  • 1 or 4 hour fire resistance
  • Sealed to prevent the passage of fire or smoke
  • All control panels with 24v battery backup system


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