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  • Easy to install, no mechanical assistance required
  • Extremely durable (loading classes up to D 400)
  • 4 different widths (100, 150, 200 or 300 mm)
  • Eco-friendly: Fully recyclable
  • Design: Wide selection of gratings
  • Optimal anchorage in the concrete base
  • Resistant to chemical substances, salt and oils
  • Heat-resistant – mastic asphalt can be installed directly at the drainage channel

MEARIN PLUS drainage channels made from glass-fibre-reinforced composite are genuine all-rounders. Thanks to this innovative material, MEARIN PLUS drainage channels are lightweight, easy to install and extremely robust (suitable for all loading classes up to D 400).
As a further advantage, the STARFIX channel cover fixing mechanisms allow the gratings to be fitted quickly and safely at a touch. MEARIN PLUS drainage channels are made entirely from glass-fibre-reinforced composite (including the frames) and are ideal for any application in urban areas up to loading class D 400.

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